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Who will inherit God's kingdom?


Because of the very evil developments here in the Netherlands I ask everybody to save this site and send it by e-mail to friends. Especially if this site is expelled.


Then shall the King ( Jesjoewa - Jesus ) say to them on his right hand:

"Come, ye blessed of my Father ( JEHWAH God ),

inherit the kingdom ....

For I was an hungred, and ye gave me something to eat:

I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink.

I was a stranger, and ye took me in:

naked, and ye clothed me.

I was sick, and ye took care of me.

I was in prison, and ye came unto me." ....

.... "Verily I ( Jesjoewa ) say to you,

In as much as ye have done it for

one of these least of my brothers,

ye have done it for me."

Matthew 25 vers 34-40




Very much people think that Jesjoewa ( Jesus ) will almost approve almost anyone good enough to be welcome to live in Gods kingdom. The following will surprise the most readers very much.

Enter into the narrow gate;

for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leads to destruction,

and there are many that go in there.

Because narrow is the gate, and straight is the way,

that leads to life, and there are few that find it.

Matthew 7 verse 13+14

Obvious learnes the Holy Bible, the word of God ( 2Ti 3:16 ) thus something completly else.

I will insert some verses that will you give a better view of the way in which Jesjoewa ( Jezus ) judges.

Not every one that says to me:

"Lord, Lord",

shall enter the kingdom of heaven,

but he that does the will of my Father,

who is in heaven.

Many will say to me in that day:

"Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name,

and in thy name have cast out devils,

and in thy name done many michty works?"

And then will I profess to them:

"I never knew you: depart from me,

you workers of lawlessness."

Mt 7:21-23

What is here going on?

Many hypocrite judges, rulers, christians and even clerks feighn ofcourse that they do good and righteous things in name Lord, Lord, but Jesjoewa calls them plain "Workers of iniquity".


Because they are lawlessness. Think for example about the Pharisees ( Judges ) in Jesjoewa's ( Jesus ) his time on earth ( Mt 23 ).


The next witnesses can be very shocking. Please stop with reading here if you can't handle such things and go to another page.



Are not now also the lawcases one tragedy, slippery as an eel. As in the Netherlands where you won't achieve anything without an expensive lawyer? ( Mt 23:23+33 ). Who is able to pay the most expensive lawyer most often will have the best results. When you hire such an expensive scribe, then he will search for every little hole in the human laws and not true justice at all. But also many judges in the Netherlands are willing to be lied unto by there so-called experts that they hire, without doing any search for the truth themselves ( Ex 20:16, Isiah 1:17-20 ). The real rich boys that seldom are commited for trial, are casual generally set free because of "technicality mistakes". And then there are the repulsive experts and Prosecutors that don't hear both sides, but act out of a prejusticed point of view and make a total destructive statement or just the opposite. Everything that goes against there prejusticed point of view is left out of the so-called essential statements. There conclusions are generally founded on destructive remarks under the chapter: "In my opinion". Because every one may have his/her own opinion is it impossible to do something about it. Though the judges ( that sentence in the Netherlands ) may not see remarks as facts, there sentence will be heavy influensed by the dissembling of the hired experts. Also are the judges not busy with justice, but following up rules. If you don't mention something in their juridical language, demand or refute, but in average language, then you are in advance disqualified. See Matthew 23:23+24, Luke 21:12+13 en Fhilippians 1:28.

So was I, yes I, commited for trial, because of a murder attack on me in 1987. In the end was I forced to pay a fine for not having driven utmost right in a curve to the left. It is legal to cut into a curve to the left, there is a exception rule for a curve to the right. Also do you have to take a position on the road in the middle of your lane and not drive along the kerpstones of the sidewalk. You would never pass for the driverslicense if you would drive along the kerpstones of the sidewalk. And that while the other party didn't steer into the curve and tried to collide head on against me with a big car ( Volvo ) on my lane. Because I turned asside collided K. M. Ridderhof against the leg of my duo-passenger that sat behind on my motorbike. In the reports that where made several police officers, including a headofficer, called themselves suddenly wittnesses of the accident. One even witnessed against me in the Court of Justice. The "righteous" Procecutor dissembled even that I had to be punnished much, because there had happend a accident after all. When I called up the other party and the driver of the car that tried to cause the head on collision even admitted that she didn't steer into the curve, I got to understand from the "righteous" judge that I was on trial and not the other party. I appealed against this unjustice until the High Court of the Netherlands, without finding some right anywhere.

In 1989 my girlfriend Liesbeth got raped. She refused to tell who did it and it was clear that she had been threatend. When I ordered her to go to the police she snapped complete. Next she moved confused out of Roermond, leaving me alone and lonely behind. Just after that my parents where ordered by the police of Roermond to kill my dog Breston of 2 years old behind my back. De Bouvier des Flandres Breston was the last that I had around me that still lived.

When I next got a burnout ( very tired, much sleeping ) the RIAGG prescribed me a inhibit medicine. Perhaps you can immagine that this worked the wrong way. Because of the wrong medicine I got upon it also very derpressed ( very sad with a deathwish - see Job 3:3-26 ). Next did the insurancecompagny GAK not pay for 7 years and I lost every lawcase about this. My psyciatrist P.H.H. van den Hoff ( RIAGG-Roermond ) that administred a sedative drug ( a.o. Mutabon F - highest possible dosage ), proved later to lie continious that he didn't know me. The Court of Justice didn't try to find out the truth in any way. The insurance compagny GAK or the Court of "Justice" could have called my pharmacy or just have believed what the sticker with personal data said on the medicationboxes.

" For the arms of the wicked shall be broken:

but JEHWAH supports the righteous.

The lawlessness one borrows, but doesn't pay back:

but the righteous is grateful, and gives more back.

Because his blessed ones shall inherit the earth,

but the cursed ones of him shall be cut off."

Psalms 37:17+21+22

In the time that I had the burnout and was depressed I was send to the therapist Tina Dolman, where I had to talk with. She yelled every time at me because I had a to big righteous sense according to her opinion, and ordered me to stop immediately with all lawcases. She taunted and humiliated me that I only wanted disability money until I got a hartattack when I was 24 years old and then I refused to go to her.

Because of the lies and lawlessness of the RIAGG and the Justice system I got more and more depressed and became very poor. In 1996 I got thus desperat and impoverished that I because of the frustrating lawcases and continious lies and unjustice.... That I was getting homeless and as a desperat signal destroyed some windows. When I was siezed from behind a employer of the RIAGG got a kick. Because of that one kick a was taken hostage and put away in a psychiatric institute with authorisation from the Court of Justice for 14 months. According to the liars from the RIAGG would I be dangerous, because of that one kick.

I was locked up in a isolationcel and had to swollow the heavy chemical straitjacked Haldol ( restrain drug ) to be able to get out ever again. For a long time I trembled and drewl, and I was noly able to jabber unintelligible a little bit. My musles where stiff, I could only move in a wooden mode and feel and think shallow. Later when I could talk a little bit again, I wasn't able to conversate normal because nothing crossed my mind. Because I couldn't socialize I was very lonely. If I said that I they gave me to much Haldol, they said that it was only a normal dose.

After the prolonged forced admission in the institute, mr. C. Smeets ( Manager Rehabilitation RIAGG Roermond ) didn't allow me to come back and live in my house in Roermond. While I paid the lease from my house and all other costs. Before he after longterm insistence allowed me to live in my house did I spend much more time in the institute because of him at the costs of the government.

When I got out of the institute after 14 months I got the heavy chemicals by force for 5 years because of autorisation the RIAGG demanded and got from the Court of Justice. First I got the Haldol and later I got forced medication existing out of a personality changing, inhibit drug ( would you like to know more about inhibited drugs in the Netherlands, click than here ) and hormonthreatment for a illness that I don't have ( paranoid schizofrenia - this is a incurable illness with characteristics as a.o. excessive and unjust suspicious and/or persecution complex, big fears, continious confused, hearing of voices or having ceveral identities and having continously repeating psychoses - people with such a illness are so afraid that they crawl lonly away in a corner or fly confused and wandering over the earth ).

This mister C.J.L.M. Smeets living in Heel, Netherlands gets totally crazy if someone defends God ( Proverbs 27 verse 11 ) and identifies himself with this as an antichrist ( 1Jo 2:18+19, 1Jo 4:3, 2Jo 7 ).

This persecutor, mister C. Smeets demanded empowering for forced medication for me from a judge, before he allowed me to go back to mu own house that costed me already 10.000 dutch-guilders, without that I was able to live there. This empowering for forced medication by a judge was expanded time after time again, by instignation of the mr C. Smeets. Thoose by him demanded empowerings gave the RIAGG fargoing autority. If I would refuse medication for a disease that I don't have, I would be locked up in a isolationcell for a unlimited time. Probably until I was adjusted to the wonderful poison that the psyciatrists themself don't use. It makes a zombie out of people. Because of him I had to stay much longer in a mental institute than even the institute wanted, on cost of the society.

Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves,

but give place for the wrath:

for there is written,

Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith JEHWAH.

Romans 12:19

This mr. C. Smeets is defintely a loveless psychopath because he uses loveless tacktics as suddenly hitting the table with a fist to make his point, and storm at somebody to get his goal / he is a intlligent man with very much lust of power like Hitler / he is very dangerous if you ever put something in his way / he the social worker with interests in the harddrugstrade in Roermond. He does as if he is very integer, but he is paranoid himself. He doesn't feel safe if I'm not put onder inhibited poison. Because of him my brains have to be distroyes as much as possible without any medical reason.

Later on C.J.L.M. Smeets explained me cryptic that there was worked against me because I would be bothered by knowledge.

Also is there tested something out on me for a long time with a kind of hormonaladditive, it made me among other very fat and my feet growed suddenly 2 sizes. Probably did they think this was funny.

When I got therapy from psychiatric male nurse Renť Friederichs in the RIAGG, and tried to talk about my hartattac at 24 years of age, he lauched taunting to me. He claimed that I had hyperventilation. To prove that it would be hyperventilation for sure, the psyciatric male nurse raised his voice and started provocating me tremendously in a intimidating way and confronted me with al set-backs in my life. But out of my dossier that he has of me and that I looked into later it was very clear that he for sure possesed correspondence with the cardiologist. Isn't this an attempt to murder me????

See Matthew chapter 26 verse 59 until 68.

Also did he state that I had no reason to be depressed and thus had to have a personality disorder. He stated this though he knew that I since a little child had been tortured for 19 years ( suddenly and unpredictable and regular kicking and beating with among others hands, bambosticks and laths until my father on earth was out of breath ), and mental abuse ( a.o. total rejection and total working against on every level ) by my father on earth. He thought it was great to give me "more beatings then food" as he called it.

From my 12 year on I told this to the Roman Catholic parish priest that I was being tortured, but he prefered not to understand what I told. He said every time that he didn't understand why I talked like that about my parents. On my 15 year I got the ambulantory psyciatry involved. Because of my persistance there followed family meetings with therapist Gerard van Mierlo.

It was a very tensed life in a continuos very threatning situation and battle around me. In that battle was I the lightning conductor of the family he stated Gerard van Mierlo. After a short time he stated that it was a multiproblem family and he decided to stop the therapy. He ended the therapy and let me down.

Because of this I was over 4 more years confronted with hate and brutal violence.

Remember the word that I ( Jesjoewa - Jesus ) said unto you,

The servant is not greater than his master,

If they have persecuted me,

they will also persecute you,

if they have kept my saying,

they will keep yours also.

John 15:20



Update 4-30-2005 after being taken hostage and my escape out of the Netherlands.

When I was busy to start up a lawcase in the fall of 2004 for moneycompensation and a damgeclaim from the ambulantory psyciatry, the doorbell rang early in the morning by the police and I was asked to go with them. They had nowarrant of arrest and they feigned that they only wanted to talk with me. When I arrived on the police station I was taken hostage. In the midday there arrived a certain psyciatrist called Tan. He asked the next catch question:"The Bible learns: An eye for an eye, a touth for a touth. what do you think as a believer of this?" I answered:"According to the Jews this means that someone has to repay a dammage fully and not half." He said:"John, you are a good guy, but if we get a problem with you, your just like Israel". Next he took a form and wrote that I was paranoid, delosions of grandeur, had strange thoughts about being poisoned and suicidal. As conclusion he wrote that I was psycotic and needed immediat threatment, because I would be a danger for the employees of the ambulantory psyciatry and I would be busy with a personal feud. Also wrote he that I was and needed to be treated in a locked situation, because I didn't understand how ill I was and I didn't co-operate with a threatment out of free will. Next the evil slandering calumniator Tan ( Ex 20:16, 2Ti3:1-5, Mt 7:23 ) a few more diskwalifying remarks and he left. I was locked up again and in the evening without having had some food or something to drink that day transported to a locked wing from the psyciatry in a hospital ( PAAZ-Roermond ). Without having done anything wrong they wanted to temper me with chemicals again. One hour before the lawcase the psyciatrist Smalls gave the order to deport me to the biggest mental institute in the Netherlands, the Vincent van Gogh Instite at Venray ( more then 78 buildings ) to a locked setting.

After being bind fast on a stretcher I was being driven away for a hour and delivered on the Eibernest, a building where people are observed continiously and fixed with chemicals at the Vincent van Gogh Institute in Venray. A hour later the delayed lawcase followed in the isolation compartment behind locked steel doors. A psyciatrist in education, Harold Kuipers, feigned to have time for observation and treatment. This first Judge decided that he got one week time to do so.

After being taken hostage for about 10 days without any ground the second lawcase followed. Again behind locked steel doors in the isolation compartment. The isolation compartment is the place where people nomally are being locked up after their clothes have been taken of completely and often bind up with belts and sedated with chemicals intil they change into drewling zombies with a much inhibited brainactivity. There was suddenly another Judge and there was another lawyer for me. The psyciatrist in education couldn't proof anything, but he demanded that he needed more time to treat a psychose in a preventive way. The centense of tree weeks of being taken hostage followed, without that I was mixed up in my mind, neither heared I voices or was I aggressive. Just for observing me and giving them time to convince me that I needed the chemicals. Because I was clear of mind and refused their straight jacked chemicals that destroy brainactivity, several employees where very unreasonalble to me and I was humiliated all the time, without having any freedoms at all.

After tree more weeks of observation and humiliation the third Judge came, a female police judge this time. The psyciatrist in education Harold Kuipers was there again and feigned that I was very calm, but still had to be treated for a psychose. Being calm was no reason to conclude that I wasn't psychotic at all. The freak told that I didn't co-operate with the treatment at all because I had no insight in my disease. While he wanted to help me so badly. He feigned that I would be a danger for the people of the open psyciatry of the RIAGG at Roermond in the future, if he couldn't help me. While I wanted a legal lawcase against the open psyciatry department from the RIAGG at Roermond the psyciatrist in education feigned thoose lies whitout any ground. The police judge claimed to have no understanding of psysical deseases at all, but sinds the attac on the World Trade Cented of 9-11-2001, it slowly got possible to cure people also in a preventive way, without that even anything happend as the law demanded. She decided not only to prolong the unlawfull hostagetaking, but also to autorise the psyciatrist in education to give me forced treatment for tree months.

The freak and psyciatrist in education Harold Kuipers thought it would be nice to start with haldol, to give me more rest. For I did compare his help with "Nazi Germany" and "China 10 years ago" and I called his wonderful medication "chemicals and poison". Strange enough does the freak use his wonderdrugs not himself. The client adviseburo and the patient trust person advised to try out something lighter than to start with this "heavy gun" as they called it. But insulted as the psyciatrist in education was, he insisted haldol because I refused his chemicals for weeks already, though all the humiliations and the systematic deny of even one freedom at all from him and several employees. I had to swollow haldol as a pill to build it up gradually, or he would order a overwelming amount of employees the next day to inject me with a dose for one month at once.

I had no choise then to swollow the brainactivity inhibit poison until I could escape to a foreign country. For ceveral months the autorities have been searching for me. Now they started threatening my mother with forced treatment if she doesn't co-operate with taking straightjacket drugs out of free will.

The question is now:

Who are in Gods righteous eyes the terrorists that persecute His servant, with fals accuses, trying to murder, make a PERSONA NON GRATA, declare to be outlawed, take hostage and submit force treatment with brainactivity destroying chemicals, to escape from a legal lawcase for moneycompensation?







Maar ook vele regeerders zijn zo. Lukas hoofdstuk 4 vers 5 en 6 leert dat de heerlijkheid en autoriteit van alle koninkrijken op aarde zijn overgegeven aan .... de Duivel ( Jo 16:11 ). Hier in Nederland bijvoorbeeld hebben we een regering ( 29 oktober 2004 ) die voornamelijk bestaat uit zogenaamde Christenen. Ze beveelt dat we dringend moeten bezuinigen, om te kunnen blijven concureren met lage lonen landen.

De Nederlanders met een gemiddeld inkomen en daaronder ( de armen ) worden hiermee aanhoudend voor de gek gehouden en worden veel armer. Zelfs de helft van de mensen met een gemiddeld inkomen gaan zoveel in koopkracht achteruit dat ze in armoede leven en moeten bezuinigen op het eten in hun gezin. Maar de meeste hele rijken krijgen er tegelijkertijd 30 tot 40% in ťťn jaar bij en de grote bedrijven hoeven nu ineens veel minder belasting te betalen. Zo heeft de Nederlandse telefoonmaatschappij KPN dit jaar veel minder omzet gehad en door de belastingverlaging toch 2x zoveel winst gemaakt. Door de omzetdaling bij KPN moeten toch 1200 banen verdwijnen ( ondanks de verdubbeling van de winst gaat de regering hiermee accoord ).

Ook moeten de werknemers veel harder en langer gaan werken omdat Nederlanders te duur zouden zijn. Kortom, de regering vertelt de werknemers aanhoudend dat ze lui zijn, veel te weinig werken en ver onder de gemiddelde Europese maat presteren. Maar in werkenlijkeid we zijn op Canada na de meest concurerende economie op aarde en bovendien zijn we zelfs 10% productiever per inwoner dan mensen in de VS. Toch verdienen de mensen in de VS veel meer en gebruiken maar liefst 3x zoveel energie per inwoner.

Zie, dit bleek de dwaling van uw zuster Sodom te zijn:

Trots en de overvloed aan brood

en een voorspoedige vrede hadden haar inwoners,

zonder de hand van de arme en de behoeftige te versterken,

... Daarom vaagde Ik ze weg.

EzechiŽl 16:49+50

Maar de werknemers in Nederland moeten nu nog veel meer gaan bezuinigen van de overwegend "Christelijke" regering ( Mt 22:39+40, Lu 10:27 ) om de zakken van de hebzuchtige rijken nog veel meer te spekken. Wat een naasteliefde!



Allemaal onrechtvaardige leugens dus van de meeste rechters en regeerders. Maar ook de meeste geestelijken en namaakchristenen zijn zo! Wie van hen gelooft in de enige ware God ( Jo 17:3, Mt 7:15-20 )? Wie erkent het Woord van God als leerboek voor gerechtigheid ( 2Ti 3:16+17 )? Wie Heiligt de Hebreeuwse naam van God? ( Mt 6:9, Ps 83:18, Jes 54:5, Opb 21:8 ).

Vrijwel alle religies aanbidden JEHWAH niet en daarmee dus iemand anders.

onder wie de God ( Satan ) van dit samenstel van dingen

de geest van de ongelovigen heeft verblind

opdat zij het glorierijke licht van

het Evangelie van de heerlijkheid van Christus niet zien,

die het beeld van God is.


Zie ook Jo12:31, Ef 2:2, 1Pe5:8



Velen zeggen dat de Heilige Bijbel niet door JEHWAH is ingegeven, maar door mensen is verzonnen. Zo verloochent zelfs de Rooms Katholieke Kerk het scheppingsverslag. Ze kleineerd Mozes die JEHWAH 's ware ingevingen citeerd, en noemt hun dus leugenaars in hun PX uitgave van de negende druk in de aantekeningen. Zo staat er in de eerste aantekening al:

"( 1 ) De schrijver bedoelde niet, een wetenschappelijk inzicht te geven in het scheppingswerk. Om door zijn volk begrepen te worden sloot hij zich aan bij diens vootstellingen en opvattingen omtrent het wezen der dingen. Daarom laat de H. Kerk ons een grote mate van vrijheid bij de verklaring van dit verhaal, vooral wat de orde der scheppingsdagen en de betekenis der scheppingsdagen betreft. Hiermee vervallen vanzelf moeilijkheden, die de wetenschap tegen ons verhaal kan inbrengen. ..."

Hier wordt het scheppingsverslag dus afgedaan als verhaaltje, een sprookje voor domme mensen in de oudheid. Deze totale diskwalificatie van het oudste en ware verslag in het Woord van God, de Heilige Bijbel slaat echt nergens op. Ook de evolutietheorie en archeologie hanteren dezelfde volgorde van ontwikkeling als de scheppingsdagen van het oude Bijbelboek Genesis. Vreemd dus dat die domme mensen in de oudheid die volgorde toevallig precies goed verzonnen hebben, vindt u niet? Zelfs Darwin erkende op latere leeftijd dat het scheppingsverslag juist moest zijn en de scheppingstheorie van hemzelf louter een wetenschappelijke theorie was. Het Bijbelse woord uit de scheppingensperioden dat met dag is vertaald duidt op een periode. Volgens de Joodse tijdsberekeningen is zo'n scheppingsdag een periode van 7.000 jaar. Overigens schiep JEHWAH God de hemel en de aarde in het begin, wellicht ongeveer 5 miljard jaar geleden. De scheppingsdagen beginnen dus pas veel later. Gebrek aan kennis van de Rooms Katholieke Kerk en ook vele anderen kan toch geen rede zijn om JEHWAH en Mozes voor leugenaars uit te maken en daarmee het totale Woord van God, de Heilige Bijbel te diskwalificeren.

Zoals ik al schreef:

"Wie Heiligt de Hebreeuwse naam van God?"

Mt 6:9, Ps 83:18, Jes 54:5, Opb 21:8



Wij weten dat wij uit God zijn,


de gehele wereld is in de macht van de wetteloze.

1Jo 5:19

Een goddeloze wordt trouwens niet herkent door zijn ongeloof of zijn gebrek aan ware kennis, maar door zijn werken. Zoals een boom herkent wordt aan zijn vruchten zullen ook mensen en natieŽn herkent worden door hun werken, wat ze voortbrengen ( Mt21:43+44 ).

Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are [these];

Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,

Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies,

Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like:

of the which I tell you before, as I have also told [you] in time past,

that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

Galatians 5:19-21


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