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Is Sunday a day of total rest?

The question from Stefan

Dear John,

We got in Overloon ( Netherlands ) on Sunday a little paper delivered at home with promotion about your website. I thought that you lived particular according gods law? Isn't Sunday nevertheless a day of rest?

I'm pleased to hear your reply to this.



The answer to Stefan

Hello dear Stefan,

Thank you for your reply.

Indeed has God in the Thora a day of rest establishedfor the Jewish race.

This Thora records in the convenant between JEHWAH God and the Jews, that they are not allowed to do work on the Sabbat. This day of rest for the Jews, the Sabbat is on a Saturday, why you instance Sunday as a day of rest isn't very clear for me. Also am I no Jew as Jesjoewa ( Jesus ). So I'm not included in the convenant between God and the Jews as it is shown in the Thora, with among other things the circumcision, the 3 annual feasts and the offering of animals. See Genisis 17:10, Exodus 23:14 and Leviticus 1:2-4.

Also thought Jesjoewa himself that it was alright to do good work on the Sabbat. There were even mean people that Jesjoewa ( Jesus ) precise for that reason PERSECUTED and saught to SLAY him. See John chapter 5 verse 8 until 17.

I hope to have informed you enough with this.

JEHWAH 's blessing,



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