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How can we know that there is a God?


Much people don't believe that there is a God because they don't have evidence for that. Also does the science insinuates most often that there isn't a God. So did ideas arise about the origin of the universe ( the big-bengtheory ), and the development fo kinds of animals out of others ( evolutiontheory ).

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But, are these theories true?

No, the big-bengtheory can't be true, because nothing can arise from nothing.

Besides should, according to the big-bengtheory, the expansion of the universe steady slow down and eventually should everything come together somewhere in the middle ( gravitypoint ). The last discoveries though show that the universe is expanding ever faster, instead of what scientists fortelled for years.

Also the evolutiontheory also isn't true.

The biologicaldiversity is reduced with more than 30 kinds every day. Still there doesn't come one kind there by in a natural way.

According to the evolutiontheory would life only have propagation and survival as a goal of the strongest and the smartest. For our survival it is not nessesairy that we see colors. Black and white seeing or infra-red, would also be enough for our survival. The seeing of colors would be a superfluity that wouldn't develop. But seeing colors is there!

In the period of the Dinosaur were the Mammals not bigger than a rat. Do you believe that wales and even men is coming from a kind of rat? The first life was even bakteriumlike. Milions of years should make that suddenly possible, compleet withuot Creator. And that while now we only succed in making for example out of dogs small dogs, or just very big ones, but making cats out of dogs goes you naturally to far.

Also have the archeologists the problem of the missing-links, the between shapes that are absent, but should be there abound.

DNA research has proven that all people have one collective mother ( Eve ), so we didn't evolve slowly as a group.

The evolutiontheory doesn't give a answer on the question why flowers are beautiful , to survive it is not necessairy. The insects whitch pollinate them don't care if they are beatiful, as long as there is pollen and nectar to fetch.

The evolutiontheory doesn't give a answer on the question why we have a moral, charity, love and compassion. For our survival are compatitors just in the way, only the stongest and the smartest should propagate as much as is possible. Serial killers of weaker fellows and serialrapers would act logical and perfect in this respect. Still nobody will approve their behaviour, except their own sick mind perhaps.

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But with this is proven that the big-bengtheory and the evolutiontheory don't are true. A clear evidence that there has to be a Creator is in the orbit in which the Earth rotates around the Sun. The Eart is exact as much attracted by the Sun as he wants to fly out of his circular orbit. Intresting, but why doesn't this marvel succeed with satellites. Satellites also orbit in the vacuum, but they have little rockets that have to push them hundreds of foots from time to time to keep them in place. So it is not normal that the Earth stays in his orbit for miliards of years. Imagine that we we place two magnetos close together, and we hang a needle between them. It is very clear that in a second the needle will fly to the first or the second magneto. There clear has to be something to keep the needle on his place, a measuring and regulator system. So it is also with the Earth, or he will fly to the Sun or he will fly into the Universe. In reality it is even more complicated, there swings a Moon around the Earth, there smash meteoric stones into, and there are other planets that pull with gravityforces. No object in space will from nature stay in a exact orbit around a bigger heavenly body, it is a unstable balance. The measuring and regulator system has to come from JEHWAH God ( see Psalms 78:69, Psalms 104:5, Ecclesiastes 1:4 ).

Also the way in which a small nation as the Jews, in the antiquity, repeatedly were freed from slavery, is a clear example that there has to be a God. Think for example on the liberation out of Egypt, a worldpower of which the Farao thought he was a God himself, doesn't let his slaves go just like that ( Exodus 3:4-17, Exodus 5:2, Exodus 8:6+17+24, Exodus 9:6+10, Exodus 9:23+24, Exodus 10:14+22+23, Exodus 12:7+29, Exodus 14:21-28 ).

Later the Jews went into exile again to the far Babylon ( Irak ), the next superpower. It fell like predicted through the Medes and Persians ( Isaiah 13:17-18 ). Even in one night the kingdom Babylon fell ( Da 5:30+31 ). The Medes and Persians let the Jew go, like predicted ( Jeremiah 25:11, DaniŽl 9:2, Ezra 1:1-5 ). Which other little nation goes into slavery and exile and returns towards the Holy Land? Without God that certainly wouldn't have happend.

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