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Fortell Armageddon?

The question from Onno


How clever of you to fortel a date on the ground of verses out of the bible about when Armageddon will take place and.... according to me only the father knows when that will take place, Jesus tells himself: Therefore be also ye prepared, because on a hour, that ye donīt expext it, the Son of people will come ( matt 24 v 44 )


The answer to Onno


Hello Onno,

In the site I mentioned day nor hour. I just calculated the years ( 2019 or beginning 2020 ) and not foretold the years in which Armageddon most likely will take place. Also there has to come a eight Worldpower and the Great Tribulation ( 3,5 years ), I informed. Also should people not accept everything just like that, but researched for themselves if it is like that corresponding to the Bible.


These were more noble than those in Thessalonica,

in that they received the Word with all readiness of mind,

and searched the scriptures daily,

whether those things were so.

Acts 17 verse 11


Here the people of Berea are praised because of their research of the Bible.

Religions like the Mormons, Proclaim, Adventists, Jehovah Witnesses and the Worl Wide Church of God arte also convinced that we are in the last part of the endtime ( before Godīs Kingdom comes on Earth ). In this context you can also look up Daniel 12:4 and Hebrews 9:28.


JEHWAH 's blessing,

John Peeters.


The reaction on the answer to Onno


thanks for your clear answer and your e-mail message... Ofcourse do I know very well, that we live in the endtime...after all, everything directs to that! Gods blessing!

frendly greetings Onno


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