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The only true God !


This is life eternal,

that they know / understand Thee,

the only true God,

and the Messiah Jesjoewa ( Jesus Christ ),

whom Thou hast sent.

John 17:3

Nowadays there alas are not much people which believe in the only true God. A lot of them believe that Jesjoewa ( Jesus ) is God, or that God exists out of a mysterious trinity. How it became so, and what the Bible ( where you can find that life-giving knowledge from John 17:3 ) teaches us about that you can read on this page.

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Already in the page "Home" I explained that Jesjoewa didn't want to be worshipped himself, but instead learned us to worship the Father JEHWAH, and Holy his NAME. However a lot of people pretend that this changed after his death ( more information about this subject follows ).

In fact, already in Jesjoewa 's ( Jesus ) time on Earth, the Jews started with not longer pronouncing and Hallowing God's Holy name JEHWAH. Still is the name JEHWAH written on 6.828 places by inspiration of God in the Tenach ( the Holy Hebrew Scriptures = Old Testament from the Holy Bible ). Hypocritical human doctrine ( Psalms 105:1; Mark 7 verse 6 until 8; Isaiah 29:13+14 ) decided suddenly after thousands of years that it was blasphemy to pronounce the real NAME JEHWAH ( Isaiah 12:4 ).

Thank goodness the Jews never falsified the Tenach, but the real name JEHWAH was henceforth pronounced everywhere as "Adhonai" ( Hebrew for Lord ) and "Elohim" ( Hebrew for God ). As a reason was was mentioned that God's name JEHWAH was to Holy to be used by imperfect people ( Psalms 33:21 ). But you can Holy no NAME if you hypocritically deny it ( see the Holy Hebrew Scripture Exodus 9 verse 16, Psalms 20:1 and Proverbs 18 verse 10 ).

And it shall come to pass,

that everyone that calls on the name JEHWAH

shall be delivered ...

JoŰl 2:32

Here it tells clear that the human doctrine which forbids to pronounce the name of God is a non-biblical doctrine that costs human lives. JEHWAH won't give those salvation who don't call Him by His name. To suppose that the Holying ( by the proclamation and pronouncing ) of the name JEHWAH is blasphemy ( what has as penalty the capital punishment by stone to death ) is ofcourse something that pleases Satan and his demon hordes very much. They hate the Hallowing of the name JEHWAH namely, and they also hate the saving from the righteous people. See Job 1:21; Job 2:4+5; Psalms 116:13; Matthew 24:24; 1 Timothy 4:7 and Revelation 12:11+12.

and not giving heed to Jewish fables,

and commandments of men,

that turn from the truth...


...They profess that they know God;

but in works they deny him,

being abominable, and disobedient,

and reprobate for every good work.

Titus 1:14+16

This doesn't mean that Jews have to leave the Law as it is given to Abraham and Moses to be able to become a Christian, as so many fakechristians demand. The Messiach Jesjoewa ( Jesus ) was a Jew and kept the Law ( Mt 5:17+18 ). The Thora is for the Jewish race. They may keep the Law, also if they accept the messiach Jesjoewa and the Holy Bible, as they must from Zechariah ( Ze 12:10-14 ). After Jesjoewa's death Luke still writes that Stephen keeps the Law ( Acts 7:38+53 ) and that there are different conditions for Jewish Christians than for not Jewish Christians ( Acts 21:24+25 ). Paulus even declares that the not Jewish Christians are under other conditions IN PART TO ISRAEL and not the other way around ( Rom 11:13+17+18+25+26 ).

Later on the "Christians" did the even much worse. They replaced God's name JEHWAH even in the Holy Bible through "Kurios" ( Greek for Lord ) and "Theos" ( Greek for God ). In the year 313 became the "Christianity" a State religion in the Roman Impire. These new formed Roman Catholics murdered in the following century more true Christians then the heathen did in the 3 centuries before ( including Nero ).

In the year 325 was by the Roman emperor Constantine the Council of Nicea summoned together. There was decided that JEHWAH the only true God henceforth was degraded until a part of a nameless two-unity ( homo-ousius ). The other part was Jesjoewa according to their human doctrine. Apostle Paul fore-saw this kind of developments and told thereabout:

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine;

but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers,

having itching ears;

And they shall turn away their ears from the truth,

and shall be turned unto fables.

2Timothy 4:3+4

During the first Council of Constantinopel, in 381, was decided that the only true God JEHWAH had to be degraded further until a part of a trinity ( 3 equal persons namely the Father JEHWAH, the Son Jesjoewa and the Holy Ghost are together one God ). These trinitarian Roman Catholics ( three-unity-worshippers ) even raised own armies for very much centuries, to systematic trace and root out ( exterminate ) as much Monothe´sts ( Exodus 20:2+3, Deuteronomy 6:4+5 and John 17:3 ) as possible.

The clerical-class from the trinitarians paid the private armies from the money that their members had to give away to the unequalled idolatry. The outlawed Monothe´sts were tortured very cruel and afterwards murdered gruesome. Incited by the clerical-class they toke pleasure in burning the tortured Monothe´sts alive on funeral piles or they were quartered alive. Also for very much centuries long sincere people that translated parts of the Holy Bible in a search for the truth where systematic traced, tortured and root out by the Roman Catholis trinitarians ( 2Timothy 3:16+17 ).

... And then shall those Lawless ones be revealed,

whom the Lord Jesjoewa shall consume with the spirit of his mouth,

and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:

The one that is coming is according to the working of Satan

with all power and signs and lying wonders, ...

2Thessalonians 2 verse 3-12

Instead the only and true God JEHWAH people worshiped Jesjoewa ( Jezus ), a trinity, images and dead men who where declared holy. Because Jesjoewa wasn't any longer thÚ Mediator between JEHWAH God and the men, that function was taken over by their clergy, images, thousants of holy declared men and other dead people.

But what does the Bible tell about this?

The words two-unity and trinity are even not mentioned in the Bible. On the contrary, even after Jesjoewa 's death and resurrection the Apostle Paul still wrote:

For there is one God,

and one mediator between God and men,

the man Christ Jesjoewa ( Jesus );

Who gave himself a ransom for all,

to be testified in due time.

1Timothy 2:5+6.

Watch the word "and" overhead and totally up in this page. It separates clearly two different persons, namely JEHWAH and Jesjoewa !

The Holy Ghost by the way, is also no part of the true God JEHWAH, but is his active power. God can send the Holy Ghost out without getting less, or even worse, split Himself up. The Hebrew word that is translated with Holy Ghost ( like in Genesis 1:2 ) is "roe-ach" and means literal wind, or otherwise spoken a invisible ( active ) power.

Water-colour: Kingfisher.

About the worshipping of images the Bible says ( also in the Peter Canisius translation from the Roman Catholics ):

You shall not make any divine graven image,

or anything like that is in heaven above,

or that is in the earth beneath,

or that is in the water under the earth:

You shall not bow yourself down to them, nor serve them:

for I JEHWAH your God, am a jealous God,

visiting the lawlessness of the fathers upon the children

unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;

And showing mercy unto thousands of them that love me,

and keep my commandments.

Exodus 20:4-6

This is the second Commandment from the 10 Commandments.

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