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False Christian religions

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And I heard another voice from heaven say,

Come out of her, my people,

that ye be not partakers of her sins,

and that ye receive not of her plagues.

Revelation 18:4


1. Jahweh *

In Aramaic the NAME should be pronounced as Jahweh


The Roman Catholics restored the incorrect name LORD in some Bibleverses by the NAME Jahweh. Remarkable enought the by Jews rejected Samaritans pronounce the NAME also as Jahweh. This Roman State-religion is raised by the Roman emperor Constantine in the year 313. They don't worship the Father as the only true God ( Mr 12:29 ) like Jesjoewa ( Jesus ) learns us in the "Our Father" ( Matthew 6:9-13 ). No, the Roman Catholics worship the goddess Mary as the mother of God, the nameless triad of gods, by themself holy declared dead people and millions images ( Ex 20:3-6 ).

All these heathen teachings pull us away of the true worship ( Galatians 1:6+7, Ga 5:10 ) as Satan likes ( 1Timothy 4:1 ). The fals mothergoddess Mary is the successor of heathen mothergoddesses like Artemis, Isis and Diana. The nameless triad of gods is the trinitarian dogma that also is called the inexplicable trinitydoctrine.

In the first century this Roman Catholic statereligion existed they systematicaly extinguished more true Monothe´st Christians ( De 6:4 ) then all heathen together in the 3 centuries before ( including the cruel Nero ).

They even falsified the Holy NAME of God ( 2Ti 2:16-19 ) in the Holy Bible ( see The only true God! ). The Roman Catholics replaced the Holy name JEHWAH everywhere by titles like LORD or God.

They restored their not Hebrew name of God Jahweh at a few places in their Bibletranslations only a few centuries ago.

Did you know that the Roman Catholic Church already gave more than $ 650 million ( 650,000,000.- US Dollar ) hush-money, in the U.S., to keep pedophile priest out of jail?

Time after time they transfered pedophile priests to a new virgin parish.

Immagine that their mislead followers think they give that money to God, but their money is misused to allow childrapers to continu.

Each time when there is a revolt against the pedophile priests and the situation went into a untenable state by the many accusations, the Roman Catholic Church helped them out. Pedophile priests where transfered up to 30 times by the Roman Catholic Church so that they started it all over again in another new virgin parish. Because of the help, that the accomplice Roman Catholic Church gave the approved pedofile priests, some of them already raped and sodomised over 900 children.


Every tree that bringes not forth good fruit

is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

Matthew 7 verse 19 ( See Mt 7:19-23 )


2. Jehova *


The not Hebrew name Jehova was used by the Protestants. They appeared in the 15-th century AFTER Crist. They don't worship idols, but they still worship the triad of gods. This Roman Catholic doctrine of the nameless triad of gods that is the trinitarian dogma that also is called the inexplicable trinitydoctrine. They stick with this to a human doctrine that pulls people away from the true worship of the Father ( Mt:6:9, 1Ti 4:1, Ga 5:10 ).

The first of the 10 commandments is:


"I'm JEHWAH your God,

who brought you out of the Land Egypt,

out of the slavery,

tho shall have no other gods before me."

Exodus 20 verse 2 and 3


Sometimes they restored the Middle Age name Jehovah at a few places in their Bibletranslations.


3. Jesus *


The out of the Protestants evolved Evangelists continue to replace the name of God JEHWAH by the false title LORD ( in capitals ) and claim that the name of God is Jesus ( 1Cor 8:4-6, Mt 7:21-23 ).

Jesjoewa ( Jesus ) learned us not to worship himself, but the Father, and teached us to worship His NAME!


Though shall pray like:

Our Father who is in the heavens,

hallowed be Thy NAME."

Matthew 6 verse 9


4. Jehovah *


The later from Adventists split off Jehovah Witnesses placed a H after Jehova. They did this according to the last letter from the Hebrew Tetragrammaton of Gods name JHWH .

To guarantee order and authority the Jehovah Witnesses administer justice through judicial commitees. These commitees exist out of some arbitrariness elder. What they dissolve on earth is dissolved in heaven they state.

So does the himself "faithful slave" calling director of the Watchtowersociety of the Jehovah Witnesses demand that everybody is expelled that contradicts his opinion. Also happy coupels that live together must be excommunicated. They claim that they are no part of this world and respect no official divorse, but next suddenly go down on their knees to the world and demand a worldly marriage as the only right way of mariage. But Jesus promised a woman of Samaria that lived together with a man living water ( John 4:10+16-19, see also Jo 8:4,7 ). How different is Jesus as the Jehovah Witnesses. Immagine that Josef and Mary never officially married according to the Holy Bible.

Also do the Jehovah Witnesses for example lock everybody out who smokes. Even if someone gets a temporary fall back because he has huge troubles and does not smoke in public. But ( united ) members that lie, threaten, steal half the possessions out of a house and steal $ 5000 from me stay in an approved position. In this case they demand someone should let him do wrong or go to a worldly court of justice. Obvious their judicial commitees that should bring Devine justice can't even count ( Matthew 23:23+24, John 8:44 ).


What man of you that has hundred sheep,

would not if he loses one of them,

leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness,

and go after the lost sheep,

until he find it?

Luke 15:4


Probably have vowels out of "Adhonai" ( Hebrew for Lord ) and "Elohim" ( Hebr. for God ) after the dark Middle Ages caused for the opinion that men supposed that the NAME of God ( in Hebrew Tetragrammaton written as JHWH ) had to be Jehova. Jews that are not allowed to pronounce the true NAME of God as it is written sometimes do pronounce the NAME as Jehova. The Protestant ( Reformed ), Calvinist, Anglican, Mormon, World Wide Church of God, Adventists etc. choose that name for God. The Eastern Orthodox Church choose for Jehowih. Later the Roman Catholic choose for Jahweh. In Aramaic the NAME is pronounced as Jahweh. Remarkable enought the by Jews rejected Samaritans pronounce the NAME also as Jahweh. The Jehovah Witnesses made Jehovah from the name, while the most evangelists claim that the name of God is Jesus.

The real true Hebrew NAME ( JHWH ) however has to be translated as JEHWAH. See: The name JEHWAH !

* Though we may disagree of opinion, it's very important that claims and evidence are showed right. If you think that something isn't entirely right, then you may prove that to me. Also if you find a mistake, let me know on which page you found which mistake. Thank you very much in advance!


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