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Killers wanted !

The question from Edje

Is Jehwah also the one that makes people as crazy as is done in the Palestine territory today? Outrageous how people can believe


The answer to Edje

Jesjoewa ( Jezus ) answered: My kingdomis not of this world: if my kingdom were out of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence. John 18:36

Also did he learn us in the most famous sermon ever, the Sermon on the Mount: ...Love your enemies and pry for those who persecute you. Mt 5:44 See also Rom 12:19-21

So real Christians don't fight a war for a kingdom on earth.

Ofcourse counts this even as much for the Palestinians. Are not precise they the ones that believe to go right into the Paradise if they random murder as much as inocent civilians as they can? The only way to be sure to get straight into paradise for a Muslim is the Jihad. See Proverbs 6:16-19, Mt 24:12

Are the Palestine autorities not the ones that want no peace with Israel? If Arafat would have accept to peace with Israel, he would have been killed. Muslim extremists have already killed Sadam from Egypt that accepted peace with Israel. While Israel gave back tho whole Sinai, more than 33600 square miles. The Sinai was first conquered in Egypt, because Egypt was one of the four insipid countries ( Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Irak ) that wanted to destroy Israel together. On the Day of Atonement, oktober 6, 1973, the Holiest day of the Jews, the Arabs attact for the fourth time. Almost all Jews where celibrating at home. But in spite of their surprise attack and a overwelming superiosity they lost in 7 days from Israel, thanks to JEHWAH God, see Zechariah 8:23.

Are the Palestinian autorities not the ones that don't want to chair Jerusalem, the headcity of the Jews?

Are the Palestinians not the ones that little children brainwash to throw rocks toward the tanks from Israel while theiself shoot from a save position on the tanks, though their own children die because of this? In the war between Iran and Irak ( 12,000,000 doden ), Iran send miljons of little children with a plastic key on a cord around their neck to run before the soldiers to clear the landmines. The plastic key was to enter the paradise. So it's a proven way from Muslims to brainwash little children and abuse them in the battle.

Are it not the little children and tiens that are brainwashed by the palestinians for the Jihad? These children have to sacrefise their life because Arafat wants no peace, though there were enough good proposals from Israel for peace and freedom for the palestinians.

Also the muslim clergymen, edecation at schools, palestinian ads on TV etc. and entire families are continuous calling up the children to offer their lifes as living bombs. As if it is a divine honour to kill inocent civilians in Israel and to die in the proces. The palestinians are the biggest childmurderers on this moment, even their own children.

Don't avenge yourselves beloved ones, but leave it to the wrath of God; for there is written:"Vengeance is mine, I will replay, says JEHWAH.". Rom12:19. See also in the Holy Hebrew Scriptures the Tenach ( Old Testament of the Bible ) Lev19:18, Deut32:35, Psalms99:8 en Nahum1:2


The next explanation is so interresting that I didn't want to withhold it from the readers.


A explanation from Luc


Sjaloom dear John,


Thanks for your messages, but for all for your trust.

The people that made peace between Israel and Egypt where: tha American Clinton, the Egyptian Sadat and the Israely Begin.

Clinton lives as you know.

Sadat is killed by a muslimextremist and Begin by a jewishextremist, both by their own people.


Your answer toward Edje give me the following mental switches:

  1. All muslims that die in the djihad go right to paradise. Djihad or holy war is the extermination of those who don't want to listen to the Islam and thus become a enemy. Innocent civilians are also inside the Islam.

  2. Arrafat has some years ago acknowledged Israel as a sovereign state ; but that in the limits of the Oslo-agreement, so without Gaza, the Golanheight and the West-bank. The recognizion was there only under pressure and on paper. His words that Israel should be chased into the sea are never withdrawn ,but in Arabic confirmed.

  3. Not everyone that agreed to peace with Israel is killed, but the most important centre figures, except Clinton.

  4. Palestinians want Jerusalem as the undivided capital city from palestine. The Jews as capital of Israel under Israeli government, but with a Palestine part of the city.


Important in the Isreal-Palestine dispute is knowledge about it ; how is it that it became as it is now. If they acknowled Israel before 1988 as a state and agreed to peace, then there was peace now, but Egypt as Syria as also Jordan wanted to chase Israel into the sea and this with the approval of the surrounding Arab countries. Israel won the war and occupied the Sinai, the Golan and the West-bank. Israel is still prepared to exchange land for peace as they did with Egypt, but only with the "certainty" of peace.


By the way, if Israel in 1988 would have withdrawn from for example the West-bank, than this territory would have gone back to Jodan.

Would the Palestinians have started a intifada agains the Jodanians ???

The Palestinians as a nation have never existed. Before the war against Israel they where Jordanian or Syrian or Libanese etc... If someone would claim the West-bank ,than it should be given to Jordan, according to my opinion.

Sometimes I try to imagine what would happen if Jordan indeed would claim the West-bank back.

Until here I led it be, it would be to far going if I continue.


Dear John, I hope that you find something in this braingymnastic.

G'ds blessing and wisdom wished towards you, Luc


Postscriptum, Djihad means: "holy war".

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