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What is Armageddon?


First I want to explain what Armageddon is. The word Armaged(d)on or Har-MŠgedon ( Revelation 16:16 ) refers to the mountain of the city Megiddo. Around Megiddo is the plain of Esdrelon between the mountains. The city and the plain were for the Jews in the antiquity of strategic importance. In the antiquity a lot of armies have pitched their tents there, i.e. Egyptians, Kanašnites, Jews, Druzes, Arabs, Crusaders and Turks.


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In the future the armies of the world ( Gog out of Magog and many others with them, Ezekiel 38:2-6, Ezekiel 38:11+12+16 ) will be gathered together for a last war against JEHWAH's elect people ( Zechariah 14:4+5 ). The actual place of this war is then probably not Megiddo and the plain around it, as the literal translation of the word Armageddon would suggest. JEHWAH will intervene and save his elect's ( Ezekiel 38:21-23, Matthew 24:21+22 ). This goes together with the return of Jesjoewa ( Jesus ) Christ ( Psalms 2:2, Matthew 24:3+39, Revelation 19:11+13+19 ). After this God's Kindom will rule over the Earth ( Matthew 6:10, Revelation 21:2+4 ).


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Previous to Armageddon will take place:

  1. Sighn of Christ ( Matthew 24 )

  2. Critcal times / increase of lawlessness and lovelesness - uncharitable ( 2 Timothy 3 )

  3. The coming of an eight worldpower ( Revelation 17:9-14 ).

  4. Distroction of the Earth ( Revelation 11 verse 18 )

  5. A socelled time of peace and safety ( I Thessalonians 5:3 ).

  6. The first two points will be followed by the great tribulation that will last for 3,5 years ( DaniŽl 12:1+7, Matthew 24:21, Revelation 12:6+12+14 ).


3,5 Times is 3,5 years of great tribulation ( this tribulation will be greater than any tribulation before and worldwide ). A good example is the tribulation that took place in the year 70 in Jerusalem. After the murder of Jesjoewa ( Jesus ), the Jews revolted against the Roman worldpower. In the year 68 the Romans besieged Jerusalem. They made a rampart ( wall ) of earth around with on top pointed poles. Jesjoewa propheted this in Luke 19:43+44. But in that year emperor Nero died and the Roman army retreated. The Christians fled then ( Matthew 24:15+16 ). In the year 70 the Roman army besieged Jerusalem again and conquered it. According to historian Josephus did 1.100.000 Jews died. Only 9.700 Jews were as slaves dispersed over the Earth. More then 99% of the people in Jerusalem died in that tribulation. A previous reflection of the "great tribulation" is coming over the whole world. If God wouldn't end it, there should be no flesh saved ( Matthew 24:22 ). But for the elect's sake JEHWAH God will intervene.

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