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Allah and the Jihad*

Free Biblestudy offered from JEHWAH God's Non-Profit organization on earth.

Because of the very evil developments here in the Netherlands I ask everybody to save this site and send it by e-mail to friends. Especially if this site is expelled.

The Koran acknowledges the truth of the Thora and the Gospel in Sura 3:2 NJD. There are resemblances of the Koran with the Holy Bible, especially with the Thora. Jesjoewa ( Jesus ) for example is mentioned as Isa. The history of creation, Adam and the Fall of Adam, Noah and the worldwide Flood, Moses, David, Solomon, John the Baptist, Mary e.a. are all mentioned.

But there are also some remarkable differences with the much older Thora and Gospel.


Muslims have 5 duties according to the Koran.

1. To acknowledge one god, Allah, and the profet Mohammed

2. The obligation to pray 5 times each day

3. To give alms ( money for charity or tax )

4. The fast during the month Ramadan

5. The pilgrimmage to the black stone in Mekka at least once in a lifetime, called the Hadj.


Many researchers also discovered that the Koran is founded by Mohammed in the 7-th century AFTER Christ. Before that time there was no Koran, only the Jewish Tenach and the Holy Bible. Mohammed started suddenly with the pronouncing of the Sura's after he slept with his head on a black meteorite in the desert, after he lost a war and was on the run, so the legend tells.

The god Allah was choosen by Mohammed to be the only god of the Islam. Before the formation of the Islam ( only into existence around 610 after Christ = the 7-th century AFTER Christ ) Allah was only one of the many Tribe Gods from the family of Mohammed. Allah is the moongod ( 2Kings 17:16+17; Revelation 22:18+19 ). We see the half moon as the sign of the Islam on Mosques and flags like Turkey, Pakistan, Malaysia and their own symbol of the Red Cross help organization called the Red Half Moon.

The Moon god Allah is:

the god of the war*


the sword

( Joel 2:31; Revelation 6:12 ).



Don't read further* if you can't handle the truth or get agressive from it!


The Jihad*


Jihad is short for Djihad fi sabil Allah

In Arabic it means: Struggle on God's way.


Still does the Koran call up all believing Muslims for the Jihad in Sura 9-11. There are more wars but there is only one continuing Jihad. The Jihad is the extra effort ( Sura 4:95 ) that a Mulim may do besides the 5 duties he must do.


The Jihad or extra effort exist of:

1. An internal struggle in themself against evil and ignorance

2. To pronounce the Koran

3. The war with the hand

4. The war against not muslim people with the sword ( arms ).


The war against not moslim people with arms is not a false interpretation of the Koran at all. In Sura 7:166 is written that Jews are despised and reprobate monkies. In Sura 9:30 it tells that Jews and Christians are cursed and there has to be used terror and war towards those enemies. Literally there is mentioned in the Koran that Muslims should "cause a blood-bath" to all unbelieving people. Killing is according to the Koran ( in Sura 2:217 ) even not as worse as bringing a believer to fall off the Koran.

In Sura 47:4-6 is even written that the Jihad an obligation is for all Muslims to be forgiven from sins and to be able to enter the paradise. Only if a Muslim during the killing of as much as possible Jews, Christian and/or heathen as a martyr dies, is he assured of getting into the paradise. On such a martyr are 7 willing virgins waiting in the paradise according to the Koran. So did the first Muslims led by Mohammed kill all Jews and Christians in Medina and Mecca after the cities submitted.

Thus are in Sudan at least a million Christian women systematic widowed and then endlessly raiped by Janjaweed Muslim and Muslim army units of Sudan while there houses are being burned down. Around the refugy camps the raiping just continous when the poor widowed Christian women need to search wood for cooking. If the whole world complains about it they even distroy the camps and tell the refugycamp was on the wrong place. Thus Muslimsterritory is expanding this way. Among others muslim countries as Saudi-Arabia, Egypt, Libya and Morocco think that sanctions are not just, because liquidation and rape of what Muslims call unbelieving are Allah's will.

On the other hand there are in Morocco every year 4000 Muslim women murdered by their own families. The reason is that a woman that is not a virgin anymore can't be sold as a pet anylonger to marry a man the parents choose, because her honour is taken away as they call it. Because of what muslimmen call honour and honourwrath is in the most other Muslimcountries this kind of murder the same. True Muslims even murder their own daughter and sister in the Netherlands and Germany even if they have to go to jail.

While Muslimmen may have intercourse with as much women as they like from Allah, even Christian woman. While not muslims may not love or marry their women at all. Everyone that loves or marries a woman of them can count on the deathpenalty too. By the way, according to their charialaws do the chidren always belong to the muslimmen . Most of their governments protect muslimmen that take children hostage and deport them to their muslim homecountries.

Even Dutch women they marry often not return from their holidays anymore, but they are kept there captured and hostage so the western devil can be beaten out of them. Ofcourse do the muslimmen return to mislead the next lady in a very charming way, and ofcourse also for the western money and freedom that they love so much.

On some places the Koran tells that murdering is submitted to rules like in Sura 9. Also is insinuated that Muslims are only allowed to an armed battle ( sura 8:39f ) when they are attacked. In Sura 2:256 it tells that you can't force someone into believe. On the other hand does the Koran learn that it is smart and allowed to cheat on purpose and lie to get your goal, especially if they are weaker than the other party.



in the Netherlands

Here in the Netherlands the Muslim extremists have even begon to execute famous people. But now even the police got orders to protects mosques and Muslim properties very good because they hope that Muslims won't get worse. Telling the truth about the Koran or muslims is seen as pure discrimmination and Godblashemry now in the Netherlands.

Prime Minister Balkenende in the Fahit Mosque

Prime Minister Balkenende went to the Turkish Fahit Mosque in Eindhoven ( Netherlands ) to celibrate the end of the Ramadan now thrue Muslims have liquidated moviemaker Theo van Gogh ( Nov 14 - 2004 ).


Watch yourself,

that your heart will not be deceived,

and ye turn aside, and serve other gods,

and bend down for them

And JEHWAH 's anger will ignite against you,

and he shut up the heaven, that there will be no rain,

and that the land no produce gives;

and ye quickly perish

out off the good land which JEHWAH gives you.

Deuteronomy 11:16+17 ( See also Matthew 4:8-10 )


The just murdered Theo van Gogh and politician Hirshi Ali made a movie together about women being ill-treated with violence by Muslimhusbands. This film is called "Submission". Because of critic on certain aspects of the Mulimculture and ideology do Moslims also want to liquidate the politician Hirshi Ali and the politician Wilders.

Also do they want to execute the Mayor of Amsterdam Cohen and Alderman Aboutaleb ( integration ), and the leader of a parleamentary fraction for freedom, peace and democraty ( VVD ) called van Aartsen.

Also are at least 4 churches burned down after van Gogh was murdered in one week, and further also one little wooden Mosque burned down, and a empty Muslimschool got bombed.

Still do the schools here get 2,4 times as much money for muslimchildren from the government in the Netherlands as the schools get for a Dutch child. Also the Muslims here claim to be at least 12 times as much disabled for work as the rest of the inhabitans in the Netherlands. With 10% of the population Muslim, our guest laborers from Morrocco and Turkey are allowed to eat about 50% of the money for disabled people ( WAO ). Nobody is alowed to talk about this problem.

Thus is in 1994 my car damaged for $ 2000.- by certain Muslims ( e.a. a woman kerchief on her head in black clothing and children of Muslims ). While every Dutch inhabitant has a right to do so by law, may I not report against these Muslims at the near police station in Herkenbosch ( Netherlands ). Even the mighty head of the police K. Doenzen and two other policeofficers ( v. Heel and a very evil liar that refuses to tell his name repeatedly while he has to do so by law ) make the false statements against me ( Nov 10 - 2004 ) in favour of the Muslims, that I don't have any damage at my car.

But if I claim something that isn't right, let them prove it *, instead of discriminate me and outlaw me.

And this while instead certain Muslims have something against me here in the Netherlands, are Christians be´ng outlawed and discriminated in favour of Muslims and the Jihad. What is the difference now between the evil policeofficers that make false statements ( proverbs 6:16+19 ) and the criminals that they put in a jail? Alone their suit?

The evil policeofficer thats doesn't give his name even told me its no problem for them if Muslims get a hydrogen bomb, because they will get it anyhow. Thanks to the Netherlands the Muslims already have knowledge about building an atomic bomb and the Netherlands also delivered unlimited equipment for ultracentrifugal machines to the Muslim State Pakistan. Thats why they have atomic bombs. Muslims all over the world have the obligation to help each other.

The Pakistan metal scientist Abdoel Q. Kahn that got the knowledge about how to build the atomic bomb from the Netherlands and Kahn sold the idea among others to North Korea, Libya and Iran.

14 Nov 2004 our Prime Minister Balkenende went official to the sugarparty of the Muslims, because he want us to tolerate the Mulim ideology, just after they killed the famous moviemaker Theo van Gogh.

And the Minister of Justice Donner demands that we DON'T TELL THE TRUTH about the muslims here ( Psalm 37:12-15 ). Minister of Justice Donner tells that anyone should be procecuted by law that says something that Muslims can take as Godblasphime ( 2Timothy 3: 1-5, John 8:44 ).

Also it proves again and again that muslimextremists have more information from the Secret Service here than the government itself has. Muslim brothers infiltrated deep here into the Secret Service ( AIVD ), because they can understand the Muslim terrorists languages as Arabic, Turk and Berber.


Then Jesus said to him ( Petrus ):

"Put up again your sword into his place:

Because all that take up the sword,

will perish through the sword."

Matthew 26:52; John 18:10


* Though we may disagree of opinion, it's very important that claims and evidence are showed right. If you think that something isn't entirely right, then you may prove that to me. Also if you find a mistake, let me know on which page you found which mistake. Thank you very much in advance!

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